This Footwear Industry Directory is the centralized information hub for the footwear community, containing detailed information of the wholesale members of the FDRA, to help you do business better. Here you will find every major shoe company and brands sales lead contact information, showroom address, HQ and regional office addresses, B2B and digital showroom websites, in addition to the industry’s retail event calendar to keep you up-to-date on trade shows to networking events.  Always updated and accurate so you can make the most of your FFANY market week visits, as well as other meetings year round.    

This directory was created by and is hosted by FDRA + FFANY.  FDRA is the footwear industry’s business and trade association and now governs FFANY.   In this role, FDRA now oversees the important role of coordinating dates, industry activities and services of the famed FFANY New York Market Week as well as finding other ways to add value to the footwear industry’s merchandising and retail workforce.  Learn more at

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